Technique training tips with Jesper Svensk

Jesper Svensk have had great success in the forests both as a youth and a junior. Here he tells how he is doing to optimize the technique in his training.

Since my first days orienteering has been a big part of my life. A sport, that during the summer is more like a lifestyle. Amazing, if you ask me.

The technique has always been the key to a succesfull race. It gets more crucial the older you get. All my life I've been striving to develop my understanding of the map, from the first courses I ran in Inskolning until today.

My basic tip is to find your weaknesses and outsmart them. When I have done a mistake I try to analyze it and hopefully realise what I did, or rather what I didn't do. Sometimes it can be smaller details that can save me a couple of seconds, and sometimes it is bigger and more devastating mistakes.

I've realised, plenty of times, that keeping the right direction is one of my weaknesses. This is something I have worked with during a long time, during both training and competition. For example, I find special moments where the direction is important. Night orienteering is a perfect opportunity for that.

I'm aware that I don't use the compass quite as much as I should. I therefore try, especially when training, to look at the compass almost to often. One way to do this is to set an alarm on the watch, so it beeps every so often. Just to force myself to do it, even if it's not really necessary at the moment.

That's the technique training tip I have to offer. Find your weaknesses and outsmart them.
/ Jesper Svensk

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