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It will be a little different starting of our new theme. Here shares Hanne Stenback from OK Kåre her experiences on technique training.

Hi again orienteerers! I’ve been commissionated to write a post with the theme ”My best technique training tip”. Oops. I don’t do technique training.

Let me take it from the beginning. I was “born” into orienteering (I’m Annichen Kringstads daughter) and I took my first stumbling steps with a map in the forest around the ski jumping arena in Falun. In my blue Kåre dress I fought my way through D10, D12 and D14. But then I didn’t think that orienteering was very “hot”. I was more into horse riding and that blue Kåre dress laid in a closet, collecting dust, except for week 30 when our family spent the vaccation at O-Ringen, where I participated in the Open class.

When I was about 20 years old, I realised that orienteering sure is hot, really hot to be honest. So I started to train some more, ran some courses when I had the chance and started to run Challange at O-Ringen, instead of Open. When I was 23 I met my partner, who also thinks orienteering is really hot. He had done some orienteering during his army time, but that was about it. He attended a beginners class with Lunds OK, did some technique training and all of a sudden, he was better than me. This was when I started thinking, maybe technique training isn’t so bad after all? Now I’m 26, I love running Challange at O-Ringen and I miss that class at the competitions the rest of the year. You see, the problem is that since I laid that Kåre dress in the closet I haven’t spent that much time on my orienteering technique. So I get lost. Chances. “Uses the compass” and run in the wrong direction. But orienteering is so damn fun anyway. So this spring I am going to practice more on my technique. I will learn how to orienteer. I’ll probably keep running Challange as long as I’m a good runner, but in therest fo the competitions I might be able to run in D21 without being second last due to some extra rounds in the forest.

So my best technique training tip is: Do it!
Hanne Stenback

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