Learn more about stage three in Sälen

Course setter on stage three Mats Jönsson is sharing his experiences on the terrain.

When you, efter two long distance races, are going to run the third stage,a middle distance in the steep gorges east of the lift on Högfjället, it will be very important to keep your eyes on the compass.

The courses will start up on the mountain. Most classes will have a few controls on the mountain, while the shortest courses only have one control before they move on to the forest.

This stage will challange your technique more than your physic, since I belive that many will be tired after the first two days. I think you have a lot to win in this stage if you run fast downhill.

The area we are going to use is pretty small, and it has been a real challange trying to make good courses for all 137 classes. A big challange has been to make a good Challange 10-course, but I think that they to will be satisfied even though the corses are “only” 8.3 kilometers (women) and 8.8 kilometers (men) this day.

Another challange has been the courses for the youngest, since there are hardly any paths in the area. We solved that by “making” about two kilometers of paths that we are going to mark out in the terrain. You wont be able to miss these paths.

The shortest courses are for the oldest ones, and is pretty much 1.2 kilometers downhill.

There wont be as much controls as it usually is on a middle distance race, but it will still challange your technical skills. I will use about 130 controlls and 50 of them are going to be up on the mountain. The marking notes is in place and the only thing remaining is the “fine tuning” before the final setting of the check points.

I’ve spent many hours on the mountain at Högfjällshotellet so far, and there are a lot more to come, but in week 30 I hope everyone will have an increadable excperience at the third stage at O-Ringen in Sälen.

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