Jonas Leandersson - How I plan my wintertraining

National Team runner Jonas Leandersson share his winter training. Read and get inspired.

The winter is here and the winter training has started. The darkness and cold weather reminds us that it still is plenty of time until next season. With a good training program you can affect the shape that you’ll have in the beginning of the season 2016. That is why I’m going to share my thoughts about winter training.

For me, the purpose with winter training is to build a foundation which I can rely on during the long competition season. To accomplish this my training needs to be continuous, so that my body successively can adjust to the training load. That is why it is important to be healthy and free from injuries.

In the beginning of the winter the purpose of my training is to increase the stamina. The main focus is to get 3-4 really long runs per week, so my heart and muscles have to work during a long time. Sometimes I run on hard surface and sometimes I run in the forest, with or without map. Apart from this kind of training, I have 2-3 practices with higher speed, where the heart has to do some hard work. This is also during quite a long time. High heartrate during long time is the main focus. By doing long intervals with short rest, or if I keep running during the rest, I can keep a high heartrate the whole practice. Apart from the running I make sure to go to the gym at least once a week and also do one alternative workout a week. At the gym I do both prevention and performance enhancing exercises. The alternative workout is a complement and a relieve to the running and a way to avoid injuries.

Towards the spring I gradually shift focus to training for competitions. That means more speed and more competition specific training. High speed training on different surface and distances, and thecnical preparations where my physical capacity and thecnical skills are combined, are very important to me during this period. Examples of workouts during this time are intervals in the forest or on track and orienteering-intervals.

For me, the key to successfull winter training is to find a program that I belive in and that I will be able to follow the whole winter.

Good luck with the rest of the winter training and the season 2016!

/Jonas Leandersson

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