Sara Wadman - How I plan my wintertraining

How to plan the training if you are competing all year around? Sara Wadman from IFK Mora is 19 years old , and has prominent placements in national competitions in two sports and offers here tips on how she trains in wintertime.

Winter training, what is that? As both orienteerer and cross-country skiier I compete all year round. Even though I compete in both sports, my training year looks like a skiiers, which means almost twice as much training during the summer as during the winter. My training during the winter is focused on peaking, not so much hours. But to be iable to be in best shape when it really counts you really need those long hours of basic training. As an athlete of two sports I’ve noticed that philosopies and setup of training (of course) differs between skiing and orientering. Sice most of the people who read this blog are orienteerers I am going to give you some advice about the season that lays the foundation for the rest of the year, from a skiiers prespective!

1. Strenghten your body. To be injured during the preseason is nothing that is going to prepare you for the competition season. Core training, weight lifting and flexebility decreases the risk of injuries which automatically leads to a larger amount of training.

2. Vary your training. To become the best a lot of sport specific training is needen, but during basic training you can mix different types of training to get more hours. When the season is getting closer you just train more sport specific again. I think it is important to vary your training environment as well. Orienteering on the same map or skiing on the same artificial snow track is neither fun or giving.

3. Don’t be afraid to challange yourself! Increase the amount of excercise this year. It’s okay to feel tired and low after a period of hard training. The key to development is to not feel oneself too much, but at the same time you have to practice smart and get to know your body. How does YOUR body function during hard training compared to being in top shape. Don’t be afraid to push your limits, sooner or later the compensation will come! I hope these adviceses are useful.
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