Christmaswishes from a non orienteerer!

Julia Larsson from Borlänge is not an orienteerer, but today she is a part of the organization for O-Ringen in Sälen. Here she shares her wishes for Christmas and for O-ringen in 2016.

It amazes me that a girl that has spent most of her life trying to avoid orienteering is sitting here and writing a post for the Sälen blog.

My first meeting with orienteering was everything but successful. I was in 4th grade and during P.E my teacher gave me a map with an easy course. I got lost, in Domnarvets centrum. For those of you who has never been to Domnarvets centrum: there is a grocery store, a pizza place, a school and a couple of houses. It actually came to a point when my dad had to come and show me where to run. Despite his help, two and a half hour later I ran back to the school, crying. I had only found TWO of the controls. After that, I never wanted to look at a map or see a control ever again. I made it through all of the orieteering days we had in school thanks to my way more talented friends and after that I thought I was done with orienteering. Turns out I was wrong.

Today I’m in the marketing group for O-Ringen in Sälen 2016, and also, I’m a coach for five year old orienteerers. And this is embarrassing, but they are better at orienteering than I am. They teach me the different signs and correct me if I’m not holding my map the right way. But it is pretty fun, and my thoughts about this sport has slowly started to change. I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to O-Ringen 2016! I can’t ignore the fact that I’ve heard a lot of fun and amazing stories about this competition and everything around it, and it is going to be awesome to experience it myself. It’s only three weeks until Christmas and many people are writing their wish lists, and here are two of mine. The first one is my wish list to O-Ringen in Sälen 2016 and the second one is my wish list to Santa.

Dear O-Ringen 2016, I wish for:

  1. A lot of sunshine
  2. Amazing environment
  3. A lot of new friends
  4. Unforgettable memories
  5. To experience the sixth leg
  6. To beat a H 60 runner from the last control
  7. Showering naked among strangers

Dear Santa, I wish for:

  1. Orienteering skills

So to all of you who are coming to O-Ringen this summer: If you see a 173 cm tall, 18 year old, blond girl out in the forest that looks like she is about to cry, please help her! That’s probably me that had the courage to run a course after all. Show her the right direction so they don’t have to send out a search party.

I wish you a fantastic Christmas and I also wish for us to meet in Sälen.

/Julia Larsson

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