Emma Johansson - How I prepare for one O-Ringen stage.

How to prepare to perform at its best? The corse setter of the elite sprint in Sälen 2016 and bronze medalist in WOC 2015 Emma Johansson share her experiences of how she prepare to do her best at an O-Ringen stage.

The feeling you get after a good race makes it worth the struggle out in the forest. For this to happen, you can choose to trust your routine, your talent or just hope that you eventually are going to do a perfect race. However, the chances to do a perfect race will increase if you complement these things with some preparations.

I use some methods, like studying old maps, find similar terrain and take part of the organizers information and after that, I try to make a picture of what to expect. Apart from the technical and physical, I think it is important that you are able to focus on something concrete. By making my own legs and studying GPS-tracks from earlier I can practice solving the tricky parts, like how to take the control, even in theory.

During training and competitions you can discover your weaknesses, and this gives you the opportunity to try and fix them. My plan gets more concrete the closer the competition gets. After a lot of different preparations it comes down to just a few things to focus on, which hopefully is going to keep me right on track during the race. For example, one thing could be about being extra careful in a specific area.

The most important part in my preparations is my imagination. During the winter, when the summer and the competitions feels distant, it can actually pay of to let your thoughts wander and picture yourself doing that perfect race.

Good luck! /Emma

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