Erica Edman - My O-Ringen 2015.

When we now approach the first entry deadline for Salen 2016 we take the opportunity to look back to O-Ringen in Borås. Junior runner Erica Edman share her experiences with us.

If I’ve counted right, O-Ringen in Borås was my 13th O-Ringen. It started dramatic, but ended well. I joined the Friday practice race to get some map and terrain knowledge. The race ended badly when I hurt my foot and believed that O-Ringen was over before it even started. It turned out being a light injury and I could move without strain already the day after. But what made this week so good wasn’t the competitions or the result. Borås had so much more to offer.

My family and I went to the zoo at the beginning of the week. I’ve been to the zoo a couple of times before and participated in the yearly sprint competition they arrange there, but this was the first time I had time to actually look at the animals. I realized that I would not want to meet a bear or a wolf out in the forest.

Later that week I was lucky enough to see my favorite soccer team Elfsborg play in the European League qualifications. It was a great experience and I left the stadium with a smile on my lips because ir was a great game and Elfsborg won.

For me, it was almost as coming home when we went to Borås. Many of my relatives lives in the small village Svenljunga just outside of Borås, so during the week we spent some time with them. It was fun to show them what I’m doing every weekend almost all year round.

/Erica Edman

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