William Lind - My thoughts about O-Ringen Sälen 2016

William Lind is one of the elite runners who will be involved in organizing O-Ringen in Sälen 2016. In Sälens latest blogpost he explains why he loves orienteering.


O-Ringen is for me one of the highlights of the year. To see and meet so many people, young and old, strive for the same goals, challenge themselves, and all with a smile on their faces. That at least is something that makes me happy and proud to be a part of.

In next year’s competition I participate as an organizer and I look forward to that as well as I did in Gothenburg (2004). O-Ringen is the biggest event in orienteering in Sweden, here we really make the sport visible in many ways. Obviously we can be better at getting it out to the media and the public but that is not absolutely necessary, you and I know why we're doing this amazing sport.

I myself do it because it's the most fun I know, and because I like:

  • When I have succeeded with the course setting, and really made it a challenge for the competitors.
  • The endless discussions on how to set up the team to 10 Mila and Jukola.
  • After a training with interval and I am so tired that I just sit and poke in the food afterwards.
  • To get to go out on a distance training alone in the forest where I have time to think, reflect and solve life's problems.
  • Strive for that high-ranking goal.
  • The meeting with all the nice people.

For me, orienteering is a long eventful journey and I look forward to being a part of the O-Ringen in Sälen 2016.

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