Helena Jansson-My thoughts about O-Ringen Sälen 2016.

Looking forward to O-Ringen Sälen, I know the orienteering is superb. Read Helena Janssons thoughts about orienteering in Sälen.

Helena Jansson

The week before O-Ringen 2008 the World Championships took place in the Czech Republic, and all of us who also ran the O-Ringen flown to Oslo and had to ride a bus from there to Sälen. I still remember how tired I was after that WOC week, how long travel day we had, how slow they where with get luggage at Gardemoen. When we finally reached Sälen I was exhausted, and to be totally exhausted before O-Ringen even started is really not good. I had a little hard to muster enthusiasm for the races, even though it was the World Cup status.

I ran the initial sprint, but then came a cold and stopped me. Right there and then I was not so sad and disappointed, because I was too tired and worn. I was most grateful to my body said no, and that I was wise enough to listen. I ran nothing more that week, instead I enjoyed being a part of the festival and the audience. It was not too bad, and I went home from O-Ringen 2008 without thinking that it mattered if I ran or not.

Many years passed. So, last summer, I was for the first time since 2008 in Sälen to run orienteering. I ran middle distances of the competition 3 + 3, and trained for this year's World Cup. It was so incredibly nice orienteering, it was beautiful and challenging, and the maps were super. I thought so much about it, and paradoxically a anxious feeling was growing within me, not as one might expect.

It took a while for me to realize that the feeling was a sort of retrospective dissatisfaction that I have not ran that O-Ringen week 2008. A sudden realization that I had been missing this wonderful orienteering.

Looking forward to O-Ringen 2016 I know the orienteering is superb, and I think that I want to be there as a runner and not the audience this time. 

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