O-Ringen MTB-O

Mountainbikeorienteering over three stages. Monday, tuesday and wednesday, july 25–27. Possible to combine with an regular O‑Ringen orienteeringclass. Preferable with a class who has free start (DH21–75 Short, Recreational classes, 2-days or Open)

Forests around Rörbäcksnäs includes a fantastic trail system for biking in the forest. In cooperation with Rörbäcksnäs IS we have now choosed O-Ringen in Sälen 2016 to put all three phases of the MTB-O to the small community on the border to Norway.


The terrain is a mix of heathland with nice trails, small-scale farming community and small roads with passing through farmyards and fast gravel roads. Three competition stages in the wonderful terrain in Rörbäcksnäs and two different training areas in the mountains can provide bike orienteers a dream week at O-Ringen in 2016.

Programme for MtbOPDF

Competition Days and times:
Monday, July 25 starting at 14:00, sprint
Tuesday, July 26 starting at 14:00, middledistance
Wednesday, July 27, starting at 10:00, longdistance with chasingstart.


W21, M21, W20, M20, W16, M16, W14, M14, W12, M12, W40, M40, W50, M50, W60, M60, W70, M70,

Short-Easy, Short-Difficult, Middle-Easy, Middle-Difficult, Long-Easy, Long-Difficult

Course length

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MTB-O Open

At the races of the Mountain Bikeorienteering there is also a possibility of Open-classes. Registration can be made in advance or on site at each stage.

Short-Easy, Short-Difficult, Middle-Easy, Middle-Difficult, Long-Easy, Long-Difficult
The price is 295kr / Stage


A trainingrace will be held at Hundfjället Friday, July 22, and a trainingmap will be at Lindvallen before and during the O-Ringen week.

MTB-O combined with the O-Ringen 5-days.

We offer so-called "MTB-O-lottery", which means that your start time in regular competition class for the 5-days event is suited to your start time in MTB-O so that duplication can occur. This is included in the registration fee.

If you combine with an regular O-Ringen class you will get adjusted start times for stage 2 and 3 (stage 1 and 2 for MTB-O). It means that during stage 1 and 2 for MTB-O) you will start with orienteering in the morning and the have time to arrive to the MTB-O competition which starts at 14.00 in the afternoon.

If you combine MTB-O with a class who has free start (DH21–75 Short, Recreational classes, 2-days or Open) you have to choose your own start time in order to have enough time to change arena and gear for the MTB-O stage. We recommend that you start as early as possible so you have enough time to transport to the MTB-O arena.

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