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Embargoed areas: All stages during O-Ringen Sälen are embargoed: link

If you have accomodation within the embargoed area you are allowed to use the bigger roads to get in and out from the embargoed area, but it is not allowed to do trainings within embargoed areas or in any other way try to get information about the competitions.

Selection for elite classes

Information about selections of elite runners have been published at the elite information at www.oringen.seexternal link.

Final lists for each elite class are published Saturday evening and any drop out/cancellation should be told about as soon as possible, to avoid big gaps in start order and to give other runners the possibility to run. To be able to get one of the last spots in E1 runners at the waiting list (published Friday 22/7) have to make an active statement about this through emailing

Cancellations will only be replaced if they are told before 15.00 Saturday 23/7.

Number bibs

D/H21E1 pick up a new number bib each day, at the changing tent at the arena. All other elite runners use the same number bib all week and they pick it up at the expedition in McDonald building in Lindvallen, or at the competition expedition at the arena at stage 1 (Högfjällshotellet). If you have rental SI-card it is attached to the number bib.

Invited runners in World Elite Group have some extra services and they will be handed out together with the number bib at stage 1.

Courses and class data


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Start E5


10 300

10 000

2 400

10 400

9 400



13 900

13 600

2 900

14 100

12 800



8 800

8 500

4 400

8 600

8 400



12 900

11 900

4 700

12 500

11 600



7 600

6 900

4 100

7 100

6 700



10 600

10 300

4 500

10 400

9 400



6 300

6 300

3 500

6 500

5 700



8 100

7 700

4 000

7 700

7 100



6 000

6 000

3 400

5 600

5 200



7 000

7 300

3 500

7 000

6 700



Start lists

Final start lists are published at at the latest Saturday afternoon (23/7). Until then there are preliminary start lists at but they can be changed. To be sure, look an extra time at your start time during Saturday evening.

In D/H21E1 there are new start lists for each stage and they are ready during the night after each competition. The time of first start in M/W21E is 10.00 day 1, 2 and 4. The chasing start at Friday begins at 11.45 in W21E1 and 11.50 in M21E1.

Order of start list

In D/H21E1 there are 3 different start groups each day and the top 20 in the total are among the 20 last starters, place 21-50 in the middle section and place 51-80 among the first starters. At stage 1 the starting order are reverse of IOF World Ranking list (1st of July), i.e. best ranked runner is the last starter.


20 runners in both D/H 21E1 are chosen to wear a gps each day and it’s obligatory to run with it if you are selected. GPS unit and west are picked up in the elite tent (at the same place as the numberbib) and you return it to the organizer at the finish area. At the sprintrace the runner get GPS west at check in and GPS unit at time start -3 min.


All elite runners are asked to use the O-Ringen bus transport. Read more information in the general information papers.

Changing tent

At both arenas there are possibility for runners in D/H 21E1 to change and leave bags indoors or in a tent. Water, sports drink and bars from Isostar and bananas are available in the tent. The buildings/tents are reserved for runners in classes D/H21E1.

Clothes to start/warm-up clothes

There are no transport of clothes from the elite start back to the arena.

Training maps

4 different maps with controls and course suggestions are for sale in the competition office. 65 SEK/map.

Prize giving ceremony/flower ceremony

All elite classes, except from D/H21E1

Prize giving ceremony for each day’s winner (stage 1-4) at the big stage in Lindvallen at 18.00 (be there at 17.40). Prizes for total results are given to top 3 at the big stage at 16.00 (be there at 15.40). All other prizes are to be collected in the McDonalds-building (reception for numberbibs earlier during the week) and they are available 2 hours after official result in each class.

Number of prizes:

H18E1: 12 prizes (4-12 collected in McD-building)

H18E2: 12 prizes (4-12 collected in McD-building)

D18E1: 12 prizes (4-12 collected in McD-building)

D18E2: 6 prizes (4-6 collected in McD-building)

H20E: 12 prizes (4-12 collected in McD-building)

D20E: 12 prizes (4-12 collected in McD-building)

H21E2: 12 prizes (4-12 collected in McD-building)

D21E2: 6 prizes (4-6 collected in McD-building)



Prize giving ceremony/flower ceremony stage 1-4

  • Top 3 in D/H 21E1 should be available for a flower ceremony at the finish area, directly after the results are official. Also in the evening top 3 runners are given prizes at the big stage at O-Ringen square in Lindvallen at 18.00. Be there at 17.40 in the tent next to the stage.
  • At the sprint (stage 3) the prize giving ceremony takes place directly after the results are official. Prizes to top 3 runners.

Prize giving ceremony/flower ceremony stage 5/total

  • Top 3 in total O-Ringen are given flowers at the arena directly after official results are published. Top 10 are given prizes at the big prize giving ceremony in Lindvallen at 16.00 Be there at 15.40.

PLEASE NOTE! All runners who win prize money have to fill out a document given by the organizers. This document is handed out at the evening prize giving ceremony day 1-4.

It is mandatory to be present at both the flower ceremony at the arena and the evening ceremony at the big stage to get the prize money of that day.

All starting runners each day have an ability to win prize money, meaning that you can continue running even if you have a mp, dns, dnf etc.


For questions regarding elite classes, please contact

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