Davids stage tips for O-Ringen Sälen 2016

David Andersson, a frequent national team runner, gives his tips after running and analyzing maps of the stages.

David Andersson has been test runnning and analyzing maps and courses to be able to share with you what is to come.

Stage 1

Mountains stage 1

Mountain view - Stage 1

Lift up your eyes! Try to use the open mountain by finding clear objects far forward ahead on your distance. Be sure to control that you have done a correct check of the objects one more time. It can be harder to judge distance in the open mountain landscape than in forest areas.

Stage 2

Map Stage 2

Map clip - Stage 2

Mountain slopes! Perhaps the most spectacular and challenging day for those of you who want to run the whole week without mistakes. Here it is important to get a feeling for how the map maker describes the shift in vegetation from bare mountains to forested, with areas of mountain birch that often separates them from one another. If you have the time go out on the training race or buy a traning map before your start in O-Ringen, this is probably what you should give priority to in order to understand.

Stage 3

Map clip - Stage 3

Map clip - Stage 3

Keep the height! Contour interval on Sälen maps are five meters and it is almost always exactly five meters of altitude between curves. Therefore, you should be extra careful not to climb or drop height unnecessarily. Use the thick contour lines (every fifth curve) to easily visualize how much you should run up or down.

Stage 4

Cross sign marking winter path - Stage 4

Trackmarks on the mountain! Some paths are visible from far away as they are marked up by wood crosses. Remember that not all the paths on the mountains are marked and be also aware that there may be wood crosses in the terrain that is not necessarily a path on the map. A lot of winter paths go through the marshlands, that are not marked as a path on your racing map.

Stage 5

Map clip - Stage 5

Marshes! In large parts of Sweden (and even Europe) marshland are slow and something that you might avoid when planning your route. In the mountain terrain the marshes can be fast to run through. Obviously it is depending on the summer weather, but downhill in the marshland you can run one of the fastest kilometer times of your course.


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