String-O/String-O / Miniknat

A String-O / Miniknat course for the youngest kids is available next to Arena Grosvad and Arena Yxbacken 8.30-14.30.

Miniknat barn stämpling
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Each participant gets a chance to complete a marked orienteering course with a map, SI-chip, and bib number. Everyone who completes the course gets a prize.

Each stage’s String-O/Miniknat course has its own theme, which becomes apparent during the course.

Each day kids can also meet Ringo the Moose and other characters connected to each day’s theme. Kids can walk/run/be carried at their own pace, and parents/guardians are responsible for their own children on the course.


You can find String-O/Miniknat next to the arena for each stage of O-Ringen, usually in a forested area or a field. Be on the lookout for signs featuring Ringo the Moose or look at arena maps


The simplest way to register for String-O/Miniknat is via O-Ringen’s online booking portal. Registering online allows you to avoid waiting in line once you get to the arena. If you plan to participate in String-O/Miniknat all five days, then we recommend that you register for the whole week. The cost of is 50 SEK/start.

You can also purchase String-O/Miniknat passes from Competitor Services at the arenas or at the O-Ringen Square. Pre-registered kids go through their own start chute. You can register at the String-O/Minknat start as well, paying by card, Swish, or cash.


Whenever possible, please provide your String-O/Miniknat participant with an SI-chip. A parent’s SI-chip works perfectly, even if the parent is competing in O-Ringen on the same day. There will be a number of SI-chips available for rental each day.

Opening hours String-O/Miniknat 8:30-14:30

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