Bagheera Maze

The Bagheera Maze at the O-Ringen Square is both a fun and challenging activity for kids and also a competition. Race against your child, grandchild, parents, or friends!

The maze and the corresponding maze are available all evening for anyone to try outside of competition times and without timekeeping. A number of maps will be available at the entrance. Grab a map, run through the maze, and make sure to return the map once you are done.


Registration: On location only, 13.45–15.30 (Wednesday July 24 10.45–12.30). Registration is free of charge. By registering you give us the right to publish your name and results and to mention you in the Radio O-Ringen broadcasts.

Competition classes: Four classes – D12, H12, D13-16, H13-16. Competitions on the five days are independent of each other, and no combined results are calculated or announced.

Competition format: The Bagheera Maze competition at O-Ringen 2019 takes place through paired head-to-head races. You can challenge a friend or rival to a Maze duel. There are two identical mirrored mazes. You start in pairs, where one of you has Course A and the other – Course B. Competitors run through the first maze – A or B depending on which one you are assigned – and then go to a common control. Competitors then run through the second maze and then to the finish.

Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 26

Qualification: 14.00-15.45

Finals: 16.00-16.50

Wednesday (The Activity Day), July 24

Qualification: 11.00-12.45

Finals: 13.00-13.50

Winners in each semifinal and final heat need to return to the finalists’ tent and wait for the next step.

Event director The Bagheera Maze: Jesper Waldfelt, +46(0)70 – 648 3916

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