Transport and Parking

O-Ringen offers the possibillity both to travel by car and bus to the arenas.

Bus transport to the main arenas Domsjö (stage 1 and 2), Backsjö (stage 3 and 4) and Skyttis (stage 5) can be made either from O-Ringen City or the camping at Svedjeholmen, were the satellite parking also is located. Parking at the satelite parkeing and bus transport is included in the entry fee fot both competitiors and for persons accompanied.

Book knapp

There is limited parking close to the arena at Skyttis (stage 5) which can be booked here. At arena Domsjö (stage 1 and 2) the parking is sold out.

If you need to take the car from were you stay you can for all stages park at the satelite parking and thake the bus from there.

For MtbO and Trail O you will find free och public parking at the arenas. For MtbO stage you wil need to book parking above if you want to park at the arena as it is shared with FootO.

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