Training for O-Ringen with Helena and Albin

Swedish national team stars Helena Bergman and Albin Ridefelt will offer a series of tips for mastering the terrain that awaits you at O-Ringen 2018.

Orienteering in the High Coast World Heritage Site is a unique experience in many different ways. You will encounter high mountains and stunning vistas, open hilltops, wild woods, and blueberry bushes, not to mention the cliffs, boulders, and reentrants sculpted by the retreating glaciers.

To help you master the terrain that awaits in Örnsköldsvik, O-Ringen has invited Swedish national team runners Helena Bergman and Albin Ridefelt to provide a series of tips and exercises. These tips will be available in the O-Ringen newspaper, on, and on facebook.

Part 1: Up and Down

Part 2: Slope running, short and long

Part 3: Slope running, compass and climb

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