Bagheera Youth Relay

The Youth Relay is one of the highlights of the opening day of the O-Ringen week.

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The Bagheera youth relay is an opportunity for young orienteers from around the world to prove themselves on a big stage. The relay takes place in front of a large crowd in conjunction with O-Ringen's opening ceremonies. It is always an exciting race and a fast-paced fight between the world's top young orienteers.

This year the relay will have a strong international flavor, as the number of national teams has been increasing each year.


One class is offered, for teams containing both girls and boys and running four total legs as follows:

  • Leg 1: Boys up to and including M16
  • Leg 2: Girls up to and including D14
  • Leg 3: Boys up to and including M14
  • Leg 4: Girls up to and including D16

Teams may be composed of Nordic district teams or "national teams" for non-Nordic youngsters. Each district, area and country is allowed to participate with four teams. Combined teams, e.g. from two districts, areas or countries are allowed, but that does not mean that a district / area / country can enter more then four teams.

LegsScaleLengthStart procedure


1:4 000

4 x 1,8km

Mass start



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Bagheera Youth Relay





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1 Nov

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