Introduction & Youth class

Inskolning, or Introduction, is the easiest form of orienteering for young kids, with real maps. From there you can continue to Youth class (U-class) . Participants can run together with a friend or be accompanied by an adult.

Hjälp vid kontroll 

You can participate in Inskolning on all five days, and you will get a result after each stage. Inskolning courses feature images of "happy" and "sad" faces along the trails to encourage you on your way or keep you from straying too far off course. Free start times are available in all classes, and prizes will be given out to everyone, every day!

The courses are between one and two kilometers long and will follow hiking trails and roads.



1:10 000




U1 & U2 (Youth class)

The Youth classes offer a new competition each day and results after each race, just like regular O-Ringen.

Open start times are available for both U-classes for all stages. In both classes you can run together with a friend or be shadowed by an adult with a map.

The courses are about 2-2.5 km in length. In U1 the controls are located quite close to the paths and trails that you will follow. In U2, the controls are moved out into the woods, a little bit away from the trails and roads. U-Classes are available for Foot O. You can choose to race five days or book fewer days with Stage starts.



1:10 000




1:10 000


Very easy

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