Discover the High Coast

Örnsköldsvik and the High Coast offer a variety of activities for all tastes. Everyone from thrill-seekers to avid shoppers to lovers of nature's serenity will find something to enjoy during the O-Ringen week.

Sweden's High Coast stretches from Härnösand in the south to Örnsköldsvik in the north.
Most travelers will pass through large parts of the High Coast on the way to and from O-Ringen.
The High Coast was named a World Heritage Site in 2000 for its unique nature, fjords, steep coastal cliffs, and remnants from the ice age. The land is rising very quickly here, and hilltops 300 meters above sea level were mere pimples on the Earth's surface when the ice age receded.
In recent years,the High Coast has attracted tourists with its nature and opportunities for adventure tourism.

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Here is a selection of activities that you can enjoy in your free time away from the competitions during your visit to the High Coast.

Skuleskogen National Park

Skuleskogen is a beautiful park with the feeling of old growth forest.

The 130km-long High Coast Trail goes through the National Park. At the three entrances to the park you can find information, grilling stations, and toilets.
Just to the north of Skuleskogenyou can find the National Park's little brother, the Hummelvik nature reserve, famous for the stunning vistas from its highest hilltops 210 meters above sea level. Further north, the Balesudden nature preserve is renowned for the crystal-clear water of lake Balestjärn.

The spectacular crevice Slåttdalsskrevan in the middle of the National Park is a must-see destination.

Slåttdalsskrevan Skuleskogen

Slåttdalsskrevan i Skulebergets nationalpark


Skuleskogens Nationalpark bjuder på vacker urskogsmiljö


Via Ferrata

Climbing for everybody.
The via ferrata on Skuleberget can give a great adrenalin kick and a chance to experience rock climbing even to those with no prior climbing experience. The steep 250 meter cliff is divided into 4 parts of varying difficulty.
If you want a simpler way to the top, you can walk up a trail past the Skulegrottan cave or take a cable car from the back side of the mountain.

At the foot of Skuleberget you can find the Naturum museum, where you can learn about the High Coast's fascinating geological and cultural history and beautiful nature.

Via Ferrata Skuleberget

Klättring i Via Ferrata Skuleskogen

Via Ferrata Skuleberget

Via Ferrata har utmanande klätterleder både för de äldre och de lite ynge

Klättring Via Ferrata Skuleberget

Belöningen är en härlig utsikt efter klätterleden Via Ferrata


The High Coast's Archipelago

It doesn't get much more picturesque than the multitude of magnificent islands of bare granite that stretch along the High Coast.

Lotsberget Ulvön

Utsikt över Ulvöhamn från toppen av Lotsberget

Ulvön and Trysunda are two of the High Coast's most visited islands. It is easiest to get to them via ferries that travel several times a day during the summer.
For those who like to relax in style, Ulvön has a top-class hotel and restaurant. Trysunda is home to a hostel with high quality food and accommodations.
Additionally, there are brand-new orienteering maps of both islands.

Uvö Hotell

Skärgårdshotell och gästhamn på Ulvön

fiskenät Ulvön


Trysunda orienteringstävling

Fin orientering vid Trysunda gamla fiskeläge

Boat owners can arrive at O-Ringen by water this year.
There are many fine guest harbors between
Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik.
There is also an excellent guest harbor in Örnsköldsvik, right next to O-Ringen City, that can be used during the O-Ringen week.
A private boat or sea kayak can also give you the opportunity to explore the High Coast at your own speed from a totally unique perspective.
Balesudden, Mjältön, Grisslan, Vågön, Skrubban, Strängöarna, Bergön, Germundsön and others are fantastic places that can easily be reached by either boat or kayak.

Kajak Höga Kusten skärgård

Med kajak eller båt når man många fina strandhugg längs Höga Kustens öar


Beautiful Nordingråbydgen

Nordingråbygden is located in the middle of the High Coast. Here, the roads make their way along beautiful mountains, lakes, and fields.

Make sure to visit Häggvik near Nordingrå and the exposition at Mannaminne with its fifty or so buildings and exhibits from all corners of the world.


Mannaminne i Häggvik med sina säregna utställningar

Daily trips to Högbonden's lighthouse and hostel depart from Barsta and Bönhamn, east of Nordingrå.
Högbonden's lighthouse is the highest located in Sweden.
A bit further north you can find a great fishing spot in Norrfällsviken, located right next to a natural swimming pool carved out from the sheer granite.


Vacker miljö längs Rotsidan


Sun and swimming

There are plenty of places for a dip near Örnsköldsvik, either in the sea or in a lake. There are over 50 lakes in the direct proximity to Örnsköldsvik, so everyone can find a favorite spot.

Mellansel, 35 kilometers from town, is home to a temperate outdoor spa with several pools.

Places to swim in the sea can be found all along the High Coast. The largest of the nearby beaches are Nyänget and Gullvik beaches, located 7 and 15 kilometers from O-Ringen Square, respectively.

If you get out into the archipelago by boat, both Trysunda and Ulvön islands are home to wonderful bays for sunning and swimming.

Snorkeling in Balestjärns crystal-clear water can be a fun activity for the more adventurous. You can get there by walking several kilometers from Sandlågan.


bad Björnviken Trysunda

Det finns många vackra badstränder längs Höga Kusten, här Björnviken på Trysunda

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