Training race & Training areas

Training race will be arranged friday 17 july. Enter at the competition office in O-Ringen Town. Courses with varied lengths and difficulty. Sport Ident will be used.

There will also be availible training maps of relevant terrain in the region for sale at the competition office in the O-Ringen Town

Training race

On 17 July 15:00-18:00 on the map ”Holmåsa” in Bredared. Around 15 km north of O-Ringen Square. You can register at the competition office or at the race itself.

Location: Please see information for ”Training area 1”.
Map: ”Holmåsa”. Cartography by Ulf Bäckström
Open 1/White 2130 m
Open 3/Yellow 2950 m
Open 4/Yellow 4850 m
Open 5/Orange 3340 m
Open 7/Blue 3050 m
Open 8/Black 4540 m
Open 9/Black 7060 m
Facilities: Parking, Toilets, Water.
Terrain: The area consists mostly of coniferous forest. There are several forest roads in the area,with many smaller paths and rides linking them. The western part of the area consists of several detailed hills with small paths and rides linking them. There are marshes and linear marshes between these hills. Some of the hills slope down steeply towards the marshes. This demands runners to choose the best route down in order to take the best route up the next hill. The valleys give a sense of magic and large boulders in the area add to this feeling. Most hills are runnable, with good visibility and relatively fast running. There are some areas of recently thinned younger forest. There is good visibility here but there may be branches on the ground to slow running. Moderately to very hilly.

Training maps

We are offering three training areas and maps.Training map show control points and suggested courses. Control points are simple wooden posts, each with a marker showing a control number.

Maps cost 60 SEK each and can be bought at the competition office or ordered via Eventor.

Training area 1
Bredared, Holmåsa (same area as for the training race)
Open 3/yellow 2300 m
Open 5/orange 3400 m
Open 8/black 5430 m
Parking: Holmryd, Around 15 km north of O‑Ringen Town. GPS 57.794193, 12.863081.

Training area 2, MTB-O training area
Borås, Hestra-Ekås. Borders the stage 5 terrain. The area is open for both Foot-O and MTB-O on 16–18 and 24–31 July. Please take care!
On 19–23 July, the area is reserved for MTB-O only.

Courses (Foot-O):
Open 1/white - 2980 m
Open 5/orange - 3490 m
Open 8/black - 4670 m

MTB-O will have control points that may be visited in any order.

Parking: Hestrastugan, Linnés väg, Borås
GPS 57.749473, 12.88765.
Bus: Route 550 towards Alingsås, “Hestrastugan” stop.

Training area 3
Rydboholm, Vänesjön.
Open 1/white 2980 m
Open 5/orange 5070 m
Open 8/blue 5690 m
Parking: Storsjögården, Rydboholm Around 10 km south of Borås. GPS 57.646515, 12.849498.
Head organiser for training areas and training race: Gunilla Larsson
Course setter: Gunilla Larsson

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