O-Ringen MTB-O

Mountainbikeorienteering over three stages. Tuesday, wednesday and thursday, july 21–23. Possible to combine with an regular O‑Ringen class. Preferable with a class who has free start (DH21–75 Short, Recreational classes, 3-days or Open)

If you combine with an regular O-Ringen class you will get adjusted start times for stage 3 & 4 (stage 2 and 3 for MTB-O). It means that during stage 3 (stage 2 for MTB-O) you will start with MTB-O in the morning and have your regular O‑Ringen start time adjusted to the last start group (after 12:15). On stage 4 (MTB-O stage 3) you will first run the regular O-Ringen stage with your start time adjusted to the first start group (8:30 to 9:45), then the MTB-O-competition will be held in the afternoon.

If you combine MTB-O with a class who has free start (DH21–75 Short, Recreational classes, 3-days or Open) you have to choose your own start time in order to have enough time to change arena and gear for the MTB-O stage. We recommend that you start in the same start intervalls as in the example above.

All three MTB-O stages are held at Borås Skidstadion. It is in close connection to the regular O-Ringen stages 3 & 4.





Stage 1: Tuesday 21 July
Long distance
Arena: Borås Skidstadion
”Early morning start”

Stage 2: Wednesday 22 July
Sprint distance
Arena: Borås Skidstadion
”Morning start”

Stage 3: Thursday 23 July
Middle distance, pursuit
Arena: Borås skidstadion
”Afternoon start”

Car Parking to arena:
Min: 0 meter
Max: 500 meter

Distance between O-Ringenstaden – MTB-O:
By car: 15 km
By bike: 8 km

Distance between MTB-O – Arena Kransmossen:
By car: 4 km (+ max 2,5 km walk)
By bike: 6 km

Course setter: Erik Claesson
Course controller: Anders Thomasson
Mapper: Bo Herdersson

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