O-Ringen Flex-O

O-Ringen for all.

O-Ringen is the world's largest orienteering adventure, held in Borås district during 18–24 july 2015 with approximatly 25,000 attendees.

As a part of this festival, people with disabilities can now try orienteering. This is the result of the project "O-Ringen for All" which is aimed at people who need extra cognitive support. This includes those with learning disability, acquired brain injury or autism. For those with additional physical disabilities or visual impairment we will offer various means of support and adaptation.

The courses can be customised and are known as "Flex-O". You have flexability to choose the length of your course, how many controls you would like to visit, and what types of support you will need.

Welcome to "Flex-O" at O-Ringen Borås 2015!

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