O-Ringen Challenge

The O-Ringen Challenge caters for those who are conditioned athletes. Challenge involves tough running – easy orienteering.

You run 5 or 10km per day, one day or for the whole O-Ringen week, i.e. 5 stages in 6 days. The controls are placed on or near obvious line features and a few of the days have a mass start.

O-Ringen Challenge is perfect for those looking for a new challenge amd want to have a clear goal and aim with your training. Welcome to the summers big challenge.


For whom? Conditioned athletes and everyone who likes new challenges. You have mybe tried running, skiing, cycling, rowing or swimming but will also test orienteering.

Start procedure: Stage 1 and 3 free start times, stage 2 and 4 mass start and stage 5 chasing start The mass starts are not planned aroung the club start blocks.

Difficulty: Easy orienteering element, like those included in the multisport. The controls are on or near obvious line features, see the example below.

Entry on the day Challenge: During O-Ringen you will be able to choose to run the Challenge-course just one day! Pre-enter or enter on the day. More information on this will be available later.

For entry fees see: Entry





5 km

5 km


10 km

10 km


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